Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cedar Creek Inn, Brea, CA

So I've had several people tell me, "Hey Gilbert! Since you like shooting photos of food and what not all the time, you should do a food blog!"

Truth is, I already have a food blog, well, more like a food journal than a blog because all I have on it was pictures of food, their respective titles, and where to get that food. Well, I decided after last night's food ordeal, and some convincing from 2 special maid cafe girls, I will post food reviews once in a while.

The scale will simply be 1-10.

Ready for the first entry? Here it is:

Cedar Creek Inn
Brea, CA

The reason for visiting this cozy little Inn is that right now, until March 6th, it is Orange County Restaurant Week. Fixed Price Menus and Chef's samplings all around.

My menu choices were the following:

Lobster Cappuccino

Typical Lobster Bisque served in a Cappuccino Cup with Brandy-Cream for "Froth"

Judgment: The bisque was served cold-lukewarm at best. The cream was stone cold, really ruined any hope of the bisque being delicious. The Lobster pieces inside are overcooked. Rubbery, gritty and disgusting. 3 / 10

Cedar Creek 'Planked' Prime Rib Pork Chop

Pork Prime Rib Chop grilled on a Cedar Plank with a Chipotle Crushed Red Pepper Rub served with Seasonal Vegetables, Potato Au Gratin & Apple Sauce.

Judgment: This was the first pork chop I received in the evening. It was served to me without a steak knife and I was forced to attempt to cut into with a butter knife. I say "attempt" because it was so overcooked that it was practically pork jerky. It was Overcooked, Dry, Disgusting and I actually spit this one out. I informed the waitress of my predicament and she reported my disgust to the "chefs" in the kitchen. They were unhappy, so unhappy they tried cutting the chop in half in a pathetic attempt of convincing me that the chop was cooked to Medium temperature. I told the waitress I would like a new one and exposed the chefs for the fakes they are. The second chop I received was cooked properly, but by that point in time, the rest of my table had already finished eating. The chop itself was ok. Seasoning was overpowered by the red pepper flakes and none of the smokey chipotle flavor I was told it was rubbed with. The Au Gratin Potatoes were basically Scalloped potato covered in chedder cheese in a style that was similar to a potato lasagna. The vegetables were sauteed with little seasoning. The applesauce was also quite bland and flavorless. 3 / 10

Seasonal Fruit "Lush"

Strawberries over a Cream Cheese Pie is what it is.

Judgment: So apparently Strawberries are in season already and it was the only fruit to decorate this pie. The crust seemed under baked but it crumbled nicely. The cream cheese was just that, cream cheese, maybe with a hint of sugar in it to call it "Sweetened". The strawberries were on the sour side, and it seemed like it was lightly "marinated" in sugar to cover that up. The whipped topping was your typical topping. 6 / 10

Conclusion: All in all, it was not a good dining experience and I do not see myself venturing to that restaurant again. The most fun I had was probably when I sent the Pork Chop back to the kitchen, I got dirty looks from all 4 chefs standing at the pass. Realistically, I'd like to believe that they did cook it properly but it had been sitting under the heat lamp for way too long. The menu was promising but the food was less than expected.

The restaurant gets a C-Rank.

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