Saturday, April 30, 2011

Musha, Torrance, CA

So I am really behind on my updates for this blog. I know I know, really shouldn't make excuses for this but I've been really swamped with work from work and even my extra work on the side. I will however write this entry because it is special. Dinner was at Musha Izakaya in Torrance, CA with my special foodie friend Angel. She wanted to try this place and I had been a few times so of course I gave her my recommendations for this place. Schedule was set and we called up the homies John and Casey to join us as well.

Aburi Shimesaba

Seared Mackerel

Judgment: Fish is definitely fresh and the saltiness it is cured in is enhanced by the quick cooking done tableside. The waiter came with a blowtorch and literally seared the fish in front of us. The flavor is delicate and with a squeeze of lemon it is delicious.

Tuna Poke

Traditional Hawaiian Poke

Judgment: This dish was not too memorable other than it was not that good. The fish was plain and the flavors just really weren't there. All in all, you'd enjoy the Ahi Tuna Poke from Yardhouse Happy Hour more than this one.


Grilled Beef Tongue. Seasoned with Salt and Pepper.

Judgment: This was DELICIOUS. Angel commented that this was heaven. I definitely agree. The beef tongue was fresh and when cooked to a nice light pinkish color (you definitely don't want to over-cook it) it has a juicy and wonderful taste. The sauces weren't even necessary if you're a real lover of beef tongue.

Buta Kakuni

Braised Pork Belly with Potato and Hard Boiled Egg, a touch of ginger and parsley

Judgment: This is one of those dishes that I definitely have to order when I come here. The braised pork is so tender that you can break it with your chopsticks. Don't even bother with the knife and fork because everything in the bowl literally melts in your mouth as well. The sauce has a slightly sweet taste to accompany the saltiness of the sauce.

Gyu Hire Ponzu

Beef Tenderloin seasoned with Salt and Pepper, with Scallions and Ponzu Dipping Sauce

Judgment: making the most use of our grill, we ordered the steak as well. This was definitely something to get here as well. The charcoal smokiness from the grill really adds character and flavor to the meet we grill on it. Especially with traces of the beef tongue we cooked before, the steak was definitely a hit with our group.

Cheese and Mochi Eggroll

Traditional Eggroll wrapper with Cherry Leaf, Mochi and Cheese filling

Judgment: We totally overlooked this during the initial scan of the menu. I know Angel loves her Mochi and she approves of this one. The Mochi itself is pretty tasteless but with the hint of sweetness from the Cherry Leaf inside and some mystery sauce, it was pretty good.

Cheese Risotto

Traditional Cheese Risotto Served tableside out of a block of Parmesan Cheese

Judgment: The Risotto was one of those dishes that had a really traditional taste to it. It's something like if you know how to prepare risotto properly with broth and cheese and whatever other ingredients you'd like to add, it will taste pretty standard. The presentation is definitely impressive though. It was finished table side and scooped out of a block of cheese so there's some extra cheesy flavor in it.

Maple Syrup Créme Brulée

Maple Syrup Creme Brulee where the sugar was toasted table side

Judgment: Very delicious creme brulée. The custard portion of it had a rich sweet flavor to it and the sugar crust was a little too burnt so it had a hint of bitterness to it tonight. I thought the combination was pretty good.

Conclusion: All in all, Musha is a restaurant I definitely see myself returning to. Especially with a good group of friends to enjoy the evening of sharing a family style dinner. There are plenty of other people that go and get drunk regularly so reservations are definitely recommended.

The Restaurant gets an A-Rank.

Bonus Material:

Angel and John

John, Angel and Casey

Me and Angel

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