Monday, March 08, 2010

California Shabu Shabu, Fountain Valley, CA

It was a rainy Saturday evening and I got a text from Kchan inviting me to check out California Shabu Shabu in Fountain Valley, CA.

Shabu Shabu

Judgment: The vegetables were fresh and portions were pretty good. I wished they had Sukiyaki as an option because I actually enjoy that more than Shabu Shabu. The beef was very lean, but cut almost paper thin. Cooking time in semi-rolling boiling water was literally seconds. As a whole, I think the pricing is just a steep but then again, I have not been to a Shabu Shabu/Sukiyaki place in a while. The restaurant also serves Brown Rice in addition to White Rice which is a nice change of pace. 8 / 10

Conclusion: The restaurant is placed in a small Japanese plaza in Fountain Valley which shares the location with Ebisu, Elvis Karaoke Box and other various places. The parking lot is definitely not low-car friendly (I had a bit of trouble getting over the bumps and the drive way is a little steep).

The Restaurant gets a B-Rank

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