Monday, March 08, 2010

Formosan Restaurant, Cerritos, CA

After the photoshoot with Maureen Chen yesterday, the crew and I went to Formosan Restaurant. This Taiwanese Restaurant has been through a couple Management/Ownership changes but serves typical Taiwanese food.

Grilled Chicken Steak with Black Pepper Sauce

Chicken Steak, mixed vegetables and fried egg on a Sizzling Plate with Black Pepper Sauce

Judgment: The food here has a tendency to come overdone simply because they cook it to temperature in the back and then it continues to cook on a sizzling plate. So for you beef lovers, you might want to order it a step rarer than you normally want it. (i.e. Medium Rare for Medium, Medium Well for Well Done. etc.) The vegetables come from a frozen packet and the sauce is rich in flavor. You get the option of enjoying your dish with Spaghetti or white Rice. As I've said before, I love eating animals, and even more if they're entire families. I quite enjoyed this dish. 8 / 10

Conclusion: It's a typical run-of-the-mill taiwanese restaurant. Parking lot is a small nightmare in itself and is not low-car friendly. (Too many potholes and tall bumps).

The Restaurant gets a B-rank

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