Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chili's Bar & Grill, Cypress, CA

When I can't think of something to eat, I usually end up going to Chili's Bar & Grill for happy hour. Simply because, they have free Chips & Salsa at Happy Hour there.

Bottomless Chips & Salsa

Fresh Tortilla Chips with Salsa

Judgment: Some of the most basic appetizers you can get. The chips are almost paper thin and are very crispy. The salsa is very finely chopped so that it won't be too heavy for the chips. Although, the chips are so fragile, they do tend to break upon scooping of salsa sometimes. I usually enjoy this. It has a slightly spicy flavor and is a great starter. 8 / 10

Sweet Corn Soup

Sweet Corn Potage with Cheese, Corn and Scallions

Judgment: This soup is amazing. If you love corn soup, this is something you should try. It has a Potage feel to it, which is a corn + potato & cream type of soup. It has a rich body and the sweet flavor of the corn just spreads through your mouth when you eat it. The addition of scallions and corn give the soup some accent while changing up the flavor slightly. 9 / 10

Flame Grilled Ribeye

Flame Grilled Ribeye with dry rub + Seasonal Vegetables and Corn

Judgment: The steaks here are generally cooked to your requested temperature accurately. Their seasoning rub is a bit on the salty side but it's not too overwhelming. The vegetables are typically steamed and lightly seasoned. Today's veggies were a bit on the soggy side, probably because they've been sitting too long. The corn on the cob here is typically on the salt-heavy side. At one point, i had to wipe my mouth a few times because it was becoming overwhelming. 7 / 10

Conclusion: Chili's is a typical chain restaurant. I thought about making an effort to avoid writing reviews about restaurant chain foods, but Mio reminded me that food blogging should be done regardless of location. That's the idea of blogging! To write out your thoughts! All in all, I do enjoy myself when I go to these kinds of places and generally the food will be good, albeit, not AMAZING like some other restaurants but then again, you might find little gems in these types of places like I did with that soup.

This restaurant gets a B-rank.

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