Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Boiling Crab, Garden Grove, CA

So it's a typical Wednesday night eating out with my Wednesday eating crew. Yes, I have multiple eating crews. Although I don't eat with each crew every week, I do rotate among them. :D

Cajun Style Fries

Medium Spicy French Fries

Judgment: The fries come out piping hot and covered in Boiling Crab's own seasoning mix. It has a strong taste of paprika and other heat-type spices that make you reach for your drink. 7 / 10

Cajun Wings

Chicken Wings covered in Cajun spices with Ranch Dipping Sauce

Judgment: The wings come out dry, not really messy at all like other buffalo/hot wings. Be careful taking the first bite, these are piping hot and can burn your mouth. 8 / 10

The Whole Shabang

Cajun Seasonings with Lemon Pepper and Garlic Butter Shrimp

Judgment: The whole shabang should be the only option that is available because the mixture is just wonderful. Albeit that the lemon pepper is overpowered by the other two flavors, but the sauce is just great. Generally, I'll peel the shrimp and then dip it back into the sauce for a rich strong flavor. 9 / 10

Conclusion: This place gets PACKED. Generally be prepared to wait at least an hour when you go here unless you have insider connections with the host/waitstaff/owner. The particular one on Brookhurst in Garden Grove will not seat large parties unless the ENTIRE party is there. I had my entire party there (8 people) and 2 of them went next door to look at something, they threatened to give away my tables if they didn't show up 5 minutes. I wasn't happy with that kind of service but judging by how the restaurant was filled to the brim, I don't blame them.

This restaurant gets a B-Rank.

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