Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fatimaid, Taipei's Maid Cafe, Taipei, Taiwan

I decided to pay the maid cafes of Taiwan a visit to help out AniMaid Café that is currently using my photography services. Since this was a golden opportunity to see what other maid cafes are like around the world, I jumped at the opportunity. Fatimaid is located in Taipei Taiwan and there are a lot of differences that I’ve noticed with this café and AniMaid, with to start, the regular maids do wear matching uniforms and they have anime counterparts to them. It was an interesting experience because one of the maids spoke Japanese, and the other 2 spoke Mandarin. Granted that Taiwanese is my Forte, it was actually rather interesting for me to communicate with them. I talked to them about my work with AniMaid café and shared some photos of Mio, Mikan, Kchan, Tanpopo and Stae. They were greatly interested with learning more about the US cafés that I wrote in their guestbook about AniMaid café. I also gave them a few of my business cards, they were quite happy about that. Oh and to Mio & Kchan, I have their business cards for you.

The café is a small café, with 28 total seats, they work 5 different sessions: Early Lunch, Lunch, Afternoon Tea 1, Afternoon Tea 2, and Dinner. The room is divided in to 6 tables that are 2-top, and 4 tables of 4 tops. The Maids tend to rotate around and each one had different things to take care of for their customers. The 3 maids I had the pleasure of meeting are Momo, Natsuki and Tsubaki. The cooking time for my dish was 10 minutes and it came out to order. Natsuki had done most of the more complex drawings with chocolates and ketchup on the dishes. Tsubaki does some as well, but not as fast or complex. The merchandise they sold was Folders, Cards, Doujinshi Mangas. The Folders were 100 NTD (~$3.33), Cards were 50 NTD (~$1.67), while the Doujin were 150 NTD (~$5). They also sold their paper bags for 100 NTD as well.

Corn Soup

Typical Corn soup consisting of Corn, Potatoes, Carrots and Chicken Stock

Judgment: The soup is seasoned with black pepper and came out hot. It wasn’t piping hot where I would burn my tongue but I saw that they had a “Rest” Period that the soup went through before it was served to me. It does seem like it was catered to the American taste because most foods in Taiwan don’t have strong seasoning flavors that Americans are used to. 8 / 10


Butter Croissants

Judgment: Fresh Baked Croissants, they were flakey and buttery. I wish I could've eaten all of it, but all the food together was pretty filling 9 / 10


One Vegetable, and One Cheese Croquettes with Rice and Veggies

Judgment: The dish was presented and explained by the Maid which did clarify my question why the 2 colors were so different. The Cheese Croquette had what was something like a piece of gooey Mozzarella in the middle of the potato croquette. The Vegetable one consisted of basic vegetable mix of Carrots, Peas and Corn. The dish altogether was served with Ketchup which was okay, but I did wish I had Tonkatsu sauce or something similar. 8 / 10

Specialty Maid Cake of the Day

Black Forest cake with a blueberry center

Judgment: The cake was a typical store-bought cake. I wished it was home made but it was just a typical cake. The decoration is a lovely touch with the chocolate sauce by Natsuki. It was drawn so well, that I didn’t want to ruin it. 6 / 10

After food time, there was game time with Tsubaki, so we played Connect4. Man, she did not make it easy for me to win at all. I had to be on my toes the entire time. In the end, I walked away with the victory with almost every chip used.

Momo informed me that they usually don’t let the guests take pictures, otherwise there’s a service charge to do that. I guess they enjoyed having me around, so they were ok with taking some with me.

Momo and I

Tsubaki and I

Natsuki and I

more of Natsuki

The AniMaid Moe Moe Signature Move

Conclusion: This café is worth a visit if you’re into the Maid Café scene. It is fun and I enjoyed myself quite a bit. The café got really busy just before I left so I had to ask them to take a few pictures with me quickly. The Food is pretty good, maybe go with some other dessert instead of the cake that I got.

The Café gets an A.

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Mio~ said...

But But ... ANIMAID CAFE- A++++

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We shall improve our maidcafe and SHINE!! nod nod XDDDDD