Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kogi BBQ Truck, Irvine, CA

To celebrate St. Patricks Day this year, I decided to chase down the elusive Kogi BBQ truck in hopes to try their Chef's Specials. Last year, in 1 night, I tried everything on their regular menu on the truck and it came out to $39.

Blackjack Quesadilla

Pork with Caramelized Onions, Cheese Quesadilla with Verde Sauce and Sesame Seeds

Judgment: To be honest, I thought it was chicken stuffed inside these things. They were freaking delicious. It was part of their "specialty" menu that wasn't part of the original set. Their normal Quesadilla is the Kimchi Quesadilla and this one totally blows it out of the water. The flavors come together nicely and it has a subtle sweet flavor to it thanks to the onions. The salsa is very mild and not too spicy at all. 10 / 10

Beef Short Rib Sliders

Short Ribs, Cheese, Kimchi on a Bun

Judgment: The Sliders this time were much better than my other visit. The first time I tried them the beef had this odd-hot-chocolate-powder taste to it. This time none of that was around and it was quite tasty. The sliders are nice change of pace if all the kimchi and spiciness is too much for the average eater of Kogi. 7 / 10

The Stinky Leprechaun Burrito

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day they had this as the Chef's Special. Pastrami, Kimchi, Cabbage, Salsa Verde and Relish

Judgment: For the special, this was not too impressive. I think their regular burritos are tastier than this one. Although, pastrami is usually very tasty and this was no exception. I just felt it was a bit too out there in terms of flavor. 6 / 10

Blackjack Quesadilla (again)

Yeap, the quesadilla again.

Judgment: Yes, this quesadilla was SO good, I had to order a second one. There was someone in our group tasting this and they were standing there after taking a bite. Standing there and just wondering why this quesadilla tasted so freaking good. 10 / 10

Trés Leches Cake

Chocolate Spiced Cake with Milk Tapioca Center topped with Peanut Brittle

Judgment: This dessert was just OK in my book. A friend of mine with me said it was pretty good but personally, I did not enjoy this as much as he did. If you were to imagine it, it was similar to a chocolate flavored carrot cake. Except it was made in the style of a Molten Chocolate cake, but instead of melted chocolate, there's Milk with Tapioca in the center. It does ease up the richness of the chocolate a bit but the Tapioca was over the top for me. 6 / 10

Conclusion: The Kogi truck is an elusive thing to chase. They upload their projected locations for the week on Tuesday at their website. The regular stuff is pretty good, stick with the short rib stuff like tacos and burritos. The chef's special comes and goes and is always changing based on their website. I'm hoping the Blackjack Quesadilla is a permanent addition to their menu because it was freaking good. The location they chose of K-1 Speed Go Kart in Irvine was actually pretty good. It's just down the street from 85 C Bakery, the crowd doesn't get too crazy here, and all in all the lot is pretty big. As I've said before, I won't go out of my way by myself to get Kogi again, but if anyone would like to go, I'd be happy to tag along.

This spot gets a B-Rank.

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SuperDuperKchan said...

It sounds good. Isn't this a first time you gave a specific food 10/10?

I want to try it now.