Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tofu Plus, Cerritos, CA

This korean establishment was formerly known as "The Restaurant In Between". It was stuck between a Hong Kong Style cafe and a Pho restaurant. Now the two restaurants surrounding it have closed down yet this place still remains! They've since changed their name to "Tofu Plus" but the owners and employees are still the same.

Fresh Salad

Typical garden salad with lettuce, red cabbage, carrots with citrus sesame dressing

Judgment: The salad is more of a teaser than an actual dish. It looks pretty big in my picture but literally you can fit it in the palm of your hand. Ingredients were fresh, but looking at my freind's salad, her's looked a little on the old side. The lettuce had changed colors on hers for some reason. 6 / 10

Gamja Jeon (Korean Potato Pancake)

Potato Pancake

Judgment: These are always tasty. It does come on the slightly salty side, but I enjoy that. I'm not sure exactly how these are made but they're a nice starter. 8 / 10

Bulgolgi with Rice

BBQ Beef Mix with Mixed Rice

Judgment: This dish was not what I expected at all. I don't even know why I enjoyed it the first time I tried it. The flavor did not match bulgolgi seasoning at all. Instead, I felt that mine was way too peppery. In the end, I did not finish this dish because it was not that enjoyable. 4 / 10

Conclusion: The restaurant has some very good items available. Like their Ramyun dish with Rice Cakes or their Hamburger Steak. Both of those are regular things I would order there. My recommendation is to avoid the bulgolgi. They do have a dish that's similar and served with squid instead. A much better choice. The restaurant as a whole has 2 menus. The eastern menu, and the western menu. It tries to play itself off as a fusion style restaurant.

This restaurant gets a C-Rank

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