Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yogurtland, Cerritos, CA

It was a typical winter day in Southern California, nice 84 degrees. I couldn't decide what to eat for lunch so I ended up just grabbing Yogurtland to-go.

Plain Yogurt with Strawberries, Mangoes, Cheesecake bits and a shot of condensed milk.

Judgment: On a typical sunny day like today, this is very refreshing. The Ingredients are fresh sliced everyday, although they may not be the ripest fruits but that's what the Condensed Milk is for. I would have enjoyed this more, except my co-workers kept calling me and interrupting my lunch break so by the time I got around to actually eating it, half of the yogurt had turned into liquid already. I blame my co-workers for that. 5 / 10

Conclusion: This particular Yogurtland is not low car friendly at all. They have some of the most ridiculous driveways I've seen. Furthermore, this particular franchise does not have as many flavors as other ones I've been to like Long Beach or Irvine. The ingredients however still taste refreshing and the standard flavors are all there.

This location gets a C-rank.

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