Friday, April 16, 2010

Double Down @ Kentucky Fried Chicken

So ever since hearing of the Double Down at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), of course I was tempted to try it! My friends tell me to try it and report back, others tell me I'm crazy, while others tell me it's disgusting! Other people said "Don't die while you're eating it" because it pretty much IS a heart attack in itself. However, what people don't notice is that this "Sandwich" is actually a bit healthier than a Big Mac from McDonald's. Ok, so it's not THAT healthy at 1200 calories but still, it has less carbohydrates. At any rate, it was an experience. That is all.

The Double Down

Whole Sandwich

Judgment: Holy cow, this sandwich is SALTY. Then again, it's to be expected because it is literally 2 fried chicken breasts (sorry, no dark meat), Bacon, Cheese and Mayonnaise (KFC's Special Blend). Every bite required something to ease off the salt. However, the flavor reminded me of a Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich, except instead of ham, you have bacon. Pretty much the same thing. 7 / 10

"Sandwich" Cross Section

Conclusion: I think I would feel disgusted if I had eaten the whole thing, it was a lot of salt. Surprisingly the 1/2 sandwich I shared with my lovely co-worker Erica was pretty filling. I still have to reiterate, the sandwich was very salty, although it's not the saltiest thing I've ever eaten because I have eaten a bowl of salt. That's another story to share.

The sandwich gets a C.

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PandacORN said...

omg, you actually ate it! o:
i saw it in an ad in the newspaper and my friends were trying to dare me to eat it D;