Friday, April 16, 2010

Curry House, Cypress, CA

My aunt has been living at my house and she's been bugging me about eating together, so we met up with my cousin and his family for a family dinner at Curry House. Man, having a baby in your party makes the dining experience quite interesting...

Corn Potage

Corn Cream Soup

Judgment: This corn potage was the very first one I ever tried, and that was maybe 15-16 years ago. To this day, Curry House still kept the same recipe and it's still quite delicious. The mild sweet flavor of the corn is accented by the minced chives they top the dish with. 8 / 10

Hamburger Steak

Seasoned Hamburger Steak topped with Shredded Daikon, Alfalfa Sprouts, covered in a Garlic Sauce.

Judgment: The dish in the menu is presented with French Fries but clearly in the photo there aren't any. But the Roasted Red Potato makes an excellent substitute because it takes the garlic sauce really well. The steak itself is tender and you can eat it with just a fork. The daikon kind of neutralizes the garlic a little bit but I'm a garlic lover so i push that aside a bit. Overall the dish is a little bit on the salty side but I guess that's what the plate of rice that accompanies it is for. 9 / 10

Conclusion: Curry House is the type of place that I would go to if I didn't know what to eat on a random weeknight. Granted it's not somewhere I go too often but it's always in the back burner as a backup plan to get dinner. The only thing I dislike about the restaurant is that it closes around 9 PM or at least they stop seating people at 9 PM.

This restaurant gets an A-Rank.

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