Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pink's Hot Dogs, Buena Park, CA

I was warned by my good friend Dianne that I better be ready to eat this summer -- I'm always ready :D

We went to Pink's the World Famous Hot Dog that originally started in a small street corner of Beverly Hills, CA. They had opened another branch within the boardwalk at Knott's Berry Farm.

Spicy Polish Dog with Bowl of Chili

Spicy Polish Sausage covered with Chili, Chopped Onions, Mustard. Bowl of Chili on the side

Judgment: The hot dog is prepared fresh and right in front of you. Similar to how Subway prepares their sandwiches -- to order. The chili is in a giant pot simmering all day but it is quite tasty. The Polish Sausage definitely has a good snap to it and well seasoned. It is spicy but not overwhelming where you need to sit there drinking water the whole time. The bun is rather plain, I kind of wished I had a pretzel bun with that sausage. 8 / 10

Judgment: The Chili is piping hot and it melts that slice of cheese that's floating around in it. The seasoning tasted balanced and the meat is tender. The only frightening thing in this bowl is the separation of oil. It does seem a bit overwhelming when you really pay attention to it. Then again, that's how all Chili is. 8 / 10

Conclusion: The Pinks inside Knott's is definitely good. It makes a good attempt at recreating the Los Angeles legend. The hot dogs might have different names but the taste and ingredients are all there. Also, part of it might be because they do change up their specialty hot dog menu from time to time as well.

The Restaurant gets a B-rank.

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