Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Class 302, Rowland Heights, CA

Once again I found myself attending class. Class 302 that is. No Mio or Mikan this time so the experience was a bit different. Hung out with a good friend Angela, she's been having a rough time lately and was craving some sweets, so I suggested going to class.

Mango Mochi Shaved Snow

Mango Pieces, Mochi, Condensed Milk, Mango-infused Snow.

Judgment: Again, I love this stuff. Today's was good as well, except I felt the mochi was a little bland this time around. Maybe because last time Mio ate the majority of the mochi, who knows. The snow is light and comes out in sheets rather than chunks of ice like most shaved ice. The Mango pieces were ripe and sweet and the addition of condensed milk gave it a slightly candy taste to it. 9 / 10

Conclusion: Parking is not a big deal if you're willing to park a little further away. It is a nice place to chill and hang out if you just want a simple night out. There were a couple tables of people who were solo-ing the shaved snow so if you wanted to pig out, you can definitely do so.

The restaurant gets an A-rank.

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Mio~ said...

Hey I shared the mochi last time too!! XDD