Friday, October 29, 2010

Temaki Truck, San Gabriel, CA

So it has been 1 month since the Temaki Truck officially opened and started roaming the streets of San Gabriel and the neighboring areas. I heard about this truck since opening day and a few of my friends are involved in starting the whole operation so I've been wondering when I would make it out to try this. As it turns out, it's their 1 month anniversary. I was lucky to receive a pink wristband that will grant me $1 discount on future visits to the truck so that's definitely a welcomed plus.

The Temaki Truck

The Pick-up window and Chef's Specials

I actually like that they write out the specials instead. At the Kogi Truck, I usually end up staring at the "Chef's Specials $3-7" and wondering what it actually is. Good job Temaki Truck!

The line for the 1-month anniversary was pretty packed. It seems like the truck is doing well and I definitely wish them success in the future.

The Temaki Roll

Assorted Fish Handroll

Judgment: The fish tastes fresh and the sauce they put in definitely has some kick to it. One of the few handrolls I actually like. The only problem I had was I let it sit in the box too long and the nori got a little soggy. I imagine it tasting even better than what I actually had so next time, I will order it and definitely chow it down right away. 8 / 10

California Tempura Roll

California Roll Tempura Style

Judgment: This is exactly what you would expect of it, a California Roll -- Deep fried. At least that's how I imagine they do it. The roll itself comes out warm and covered with the tempura dipping sauce so it gives it a slightly sweet and salty taste. I definitely recommend this roll if you want to try something new from the truck. 9 / 10

Conclusion: The Temaki Truck is no stranger to the mobile food business, especially competing with other trucks like The Flying Pig, Dim Sum Truck and even the Kogi Truck. As with all of these types of businesses, each truck needs their own gimmick or their own signature so that they can stand out among the rest. Temaki Truck does just that as this one being the first one I've seen to offer Handrolls and other Cut sushi rolls. I wanna wish them the best of luck in their business endeavors and a profitable future. I'll definitely be seeing you guys out there!

The Truck gets an A-Rank

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