Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Lime Truck, Southern California

So I've been falling behind on my food blogging for a while simply because there's just WAY too much stuff going on lately! Working for another blog http://www.itsjdmyo.com is awesome but I think I should really focus on just food stuffs for this blog instead of trying to merge the two together. I'll still do a few posts on there once in a while to keep things rolling but Food will definitely be #1 here.

On that note, I've been going to the food trucks pretty regularly so I should feature a couple of them on this blog. This will be the first of many posts because I'm so behind...

The Lime Truck! What can I say, they provide fresh wholesome food with a menu that changes on a daily basis. The concept of the truck was interesting and I was having some second thoughts about eating from there because you know, "Healthy" and "Organic" are not the first things I look for in food.

The Lime Truck folks.

Their Menu that changes on a regular basis.

Crispy Pork Belly

Deep Fried Pork Belly with scallions, sesame seeds, mint and kimchi

Oh man, when I saw this thing on the menu, I KNEW I needed to order it. Even though there are so many other delicious things on there, I can't pass up Pork Belly. The flavors were excellent and reminded me of Lechon Kiwali a little bit but not as crispy as that. The fat content in the pork is excellent and super tender to the point where it just melts in your mouth. The mint is very subtle and doesn't distract from the other flavors in the bowl at all, along with the apple pieces that kind of leave you with a sweet flavor at the end. It's kinda how some people have Apple sauce or Cinnamon Apples when they eat Baby Back Ribs. All in all, I would definitely order this again when I see it on their menu.

Price: 5/5
Wait Time: 4/5 (The wait is about average and depends on the amount of people that want their food)
Presentation: 4/5
Taste: 5/5

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