Monday, May 03, 2010

The Counter, Irvine, CA

I was in the mood for some burgers, and as we all know, everyone can be picky of what kind of toppings they want on it. The Solution? Go to a burger bar and customize your own! I had the opportunity with the lovely ladies and gentlemen of AniMaid cafe this weekend to go back to one of the nicer burger places I've been to. The Counter is actually a chain of restaurants and we happened to be a the Irvine location because it was near our shoot location.

Customized Burgers!

2/3 lb. Turkey Burger with Bleu Cheese, Lettuce Blend, Dill Pickles, Bacon, Grilled Onion on an English Muffin with Garlic Aioli on the side

Judgment: The burgers here, like usual, are massive. The 2/3rds lb. weight is the AFTER
cooking weight. For turkey burgers, they are cooked to well done mainly because they don't want to risk you getting salmonella or other forms of food poisoning. The ingredients are top notch and fresh, and it all just depends on your imagination. As with this combination it is a very typical build for other burger places such as Red Robins. I particularly enjoy the Garlic Aioli a lot here so it really tops off the meal. 9 / 10

Conclusion: The burgers here are always a different experience every time because you can always change up the build and experience. There is plenty of beer and other drink options here as well because it doubles as a mini sports bar. Although there aren't too many TVs around for that.

The Restaurant gets an A.

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Kchan said...

I love this place. First time in my life, I think I love burger. Not because the burger is good it is because I can pick a bunch of stuffs and put on the burger.