Friday, May 21, 2010

Lawry's The Prime Rib, Beverly Hills, CA

So this past Wednesday it was our friend Joe Woo's birthday and he wanted to go to Lawry's because he had never been there. Rallying together Marc, Daisuke, Jenkin, Tony and I we were on our way there at 7. Tony and I even ran a red light to "Stick to the schedule".

So the entire dinner course just surrounds the fresh roasted prime rib with Lawry's seasoning mix. I had never known that there was a Pepper Seasoning Mix. I've only seen the seasoning salt.

The meal includes a salad course. Just a fresh green salad with their own dressing mix. I don't think it was really noteworthy especially from a restaurant of this caliber.

The Fresh Mixed Greens salad with Chopped Eggs, Beets, Croutons and their own special dressing.

The Bowl Cut - A double sized cut with the rib bone, as served to the Rose Bowl and Cotton Bowl teams

Judgment: The Prime Rib was Exquisite. The entire meal is just amazing. The Creamed corn that I had accompany the meal was a nice sweet flavor to kind of take a break from the salty flavors of the beef, potatoes and spinach. The creamed spinach was made with bacon and other seasonings. The Prime Rib itself was massive and as a matter of fact, I couldn't even finish it. I pictured that scene from the Simpsons where Homer tried to eat a 96 oz. steak and he starts hallucinating that the cows were talking smack about him. There was more food in front of me and I couldn't finish it no matter how hard i tried. Well, I could have tried harder but I wouldn't have made it out the front door. 10 / 10

Conclusion: The valet parking here is a little steep at $6/car but it is in a prime location in Beverly Hills. Located across the street from The Stinking Rose and Fogo De Chao, both very good restaurants as well. I didn't get to try this because my group decided to just sit in the waiting area in front of the restaurant instead of going to the "official" waiting area but they have a mini-buffet setup where there is bread and meatballs for customers to nibble on while they were waiting.

This restaurant gets an S-Rank. (Yes, S ranks higher than A)

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